19 Aug

Carpet cleaning is a service provided by professional carpet cleaners in both commercial and residential markets. While there's no way to totally avoid the risks involved in carpet steam clean (there are just as many strong chemicals and high temperatures involved), there are many ways to lessen the risks involved in the cleaning process. Steam cleaning offers a much safer and more efficient cleaning method than regular dry carpet cleaning. Dry carpet cleaning is a time-consuming process and often involves using harsh chemicals, but it can be cost-effective if you hire the right professionals.

For example, if you have a difficult time removing pet stains from your carpets, it's best to have them cleaned by a company that specializes in removing stains from your carpets. When hiring carpet cleaning services, it's important to ask about their ability to remove stubborn stains such as pet dander or urine. While many companies are able to remove these stains, most don't have the tools to deal with the stubborn ones.

If you have stains on your upholstery, you'll need to inquire about their carpet cleaning services that include stain resistant upholstery. Some companies use an absorbent, protective cleaning solution that can protect your upholstery from food and drink spillages. Other companies use a non-absorbent cleaning solution that helps to lift out pet stains from deep within your upholstery. Quality carpet cleaners should be able to offer this type of protection.

In addition to protecting your carpets, some carpet cleaning services include methods that remove harmful bacteria. Whether used in a commercial or residential setting, carpet cleaning services are able to remove bacteria and allergens. Using steam to remove dirt and stains is great for removing bacteria and allergens, but it isn't necessarily the best option for everyone. In order for your carpet to be completely sanitized and free from allergens and bacteria, a disinfectant should be used. Most disinfectants use one of three methods; activated carbon, UV light or bromine.

The UV light method, while effective in most cases, isn't right for all carpet cleaning services. In order for this method to work, technicians must come into contact with extremely high temperatures, typically over 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Once inside the sealed enclosure, the UV light damages the dirt and germs, causing them to deteriorate quickly. It also creates a vapor that is released, suffocating the germ in the carpet. This leaves your carpet looking clean and sanitary, but doesn't remove any of the allergens or bacteria that were in the room before the cleaning took place. 

In order for your carpet cleaning services to be truly effective, you should ensure that your service provider uses the best possible solution. While these methods work well to sanitize and disinfect your carpets, they aren't always the best for removing dirt and dust from every corner of the home. To get rid of dirt and grime deep within the carpet, a service should utilize the powerful and effective Chem-dry cleaning process. By using the wentzville carpet cleaning services  technology, these carpet cleaners are able to effectively remove all of the dirt, germs, allergens and bacteria that are trapped deep within your carpet. To get a detailed overview of this topic, see here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cleaner.

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